Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bill Gates says vaccines can help reduce world population

I came across this from one of my friends.
Bill Gates says vaccines can help reduce world population
Natural News I have found (as cited before a few times) expresses bunk, misinformation, some scams and misleading information.  They often quote-mine.  The video they post only shows 3 minutes and misses the context of the whole talk (which is more about changes in Energy expressed in C in his exquation). Here's the whole video so you can see the context in which he's saying things.

What Mike Adams fails to understand (or choses not to express it) is that Bill did not say Vaccines would help reduce world population by killing them. He said in conjuction with health care and reproductive health services. Think about it for one second. People have many children in some cultures because there is a higher mortality rate. Therefore they have a lot of children because culturally, some die off. So you might be thinking now, ok, so vaccinations would keep these children from expiring, then wouldn't the population increase more? Well Yes and No. It will increase a bit, but remember I said he said it in conjuction with other things? With better health services comes better health education, which includes reproductive eduction and thusly the education that not as many children needed. Overall, the quality of life would improve and thusly, as well, the need for more children is reduced. Look a North American culture. We have a descent quality of life and health care. It's about getting rid of poverty.

If you notice Adams references they include two links to the Autism/vaccine opponents which have been time and time again been shown to be false. Just for one example, Thimerisol has been taken out of the vaccine they claimed caused Autism even though it has been shown to not cause it...they did it due to the unjust fears in people and to hopefully continue vaccinating people because that is a good thing . It didn't have an effect on the rate of autism cases.  For more info:

Suffice to say, I would suggest avoiding Natural News.

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