Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Face Masks and Driving Warning

This seems to be going around social media today...

While the text here seems to be a sincere warning, there is more behind it...

The first thing I noticed is that it is very unlikely that someone would pass out from wearing a face mask.  Numerous studies and real-time example have shown that your oxygen level is not depleted when wearing a mask.  Now there may be certain medical conditions that may cause problems for people wearing masks, but for the general public, it is not a concern.  Thus any way you look at it, the warning is moot.

Secondly, I took a look at the Heart of Newfoundland page.   It appears to be an extreme right wing propaganda facebook page. It has multiple posts that are anti-mask citing the usual nonsense of freedoms being squashed and such.   The page also has anti-abortion, pro-gun, anti-black lives matter, anti-lgbqt+,  anti-diversity, racist and conspiracy posts.  Much is easily refuted on their page.  So their overall credibility is obviously questionable.

Thirdly, I did a reverse image search and found that the pic is from a 2016 crash in Macon GA. This obviously has nothing to do with the current situation.  The original is here: https://wgxa.tv/news/local/one-person-dead-after-two-car-accident-on-presidential-pkwy-in-macon

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Cheryl Gilbert Face Mask Chlamydia

This post has been making the rounds...

It has been shared by multiple on social media and on some news networks since June 25th post on a WIS TV social media.

Looking up Cheryl's Facebook account, and seeing all her visible posts and replies, it is safe to say this is most likely a trolling account, but a very funny one.

Some of her posts include gems like:

There is even a supposed response from her cheating husband...

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Passenger Using Cellphone will get you a $1500 Fine in Canada?

Canada-eh(dot)info put out this "article"

The article doesn't go into much detail but it has some obvious glaring errors.  Driving laws are the responsibility of each Province and Territory.  Thus each has it's own fines and demerit points.  So stating that in Canada this would be the fine, just doesn't make sense. 

Canada-eh is also a know purveyor of false and misleading information.  For example, it claimed in April of 2019 of a boil water advisory in Toronto.  There was no such advisory.  This was a totally made up story.

Canada-eh and other similar fake news sites have been traced to be run by people in Kosovo.  They are obviously preying on gullible people to believe these nonsense stories, just so they get hits on their website.

Checking on a few transportation ministries in Canada, I can't find anything that suggests that there would be a fine for a passenger being on a cellphone.