Wednesday, February 15, 2017

That Moment When...

The Western use of Karma

Karma only works when it's convenient.

Karma is Bullshit as is the law of attraction. It is not like gravity as that is measurable and Karma is not. . Karma only happens in hindsight. It's like with so-called psychics. You remember the hits and not the misses. It's wishful thinking and infantile. Saying there's no time limit is moot as that doesn't show any proof as you can't prove that such and such bad thing happened because of the behaviour of this past event 20 years ago. Bad things happen and good things happen. That is a part of life. It's not mysterious. There's no mystic intention behind it. Sure if you play the odds and you are a very nice person, you may have people reciprocate good deeds. But to call that mystical is dumb as it ignores the evolutionary benefit of cooperating societies. Also, to easily disprove karma and the law of attraction (as Jennifer LaBonte alluded to) is look at persons, even children if you will in dire circumstances. So if you can look at this pic of this child and think karma and the law of attraction is giving him his due, then you are a special level of delusional. "The danger to society is not merely that it should believe wrong things, though that is great enough; but that it should become credulous, and lose the habit of testing things and inquiring into them, for then it must sink back into savagery… It may matter little to me, in my cloud-castle of sweet illusions and darling lies; but it matters much to Man that I have made my neighbors ready to deceive. The credulous man is father to the liar and the cheat"

It also begs the question. What if person A causes harm to person B. By rule of Karma, person C comes along and causes harm to person A (aha! Karma!). Does person C get to have a bad thing happen to them for doing a bad thing since it was Karma that initiated it????

Bought: Movie review

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In short full of misleading baloney.
GMO Fears and Conspiracies part 1  Part 2

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Programming Crystals

Program crystals???? I think someone should take a geology and computer engineering course. I don't think talking to a crystal counts as "programming" it. ;)
To understand the real use of crystals (quartz for example) in the programming world check out:

You don't hit someone because you want pancakes

Over 20 years ago and some people still haven't learned “Nobody deserves to be hurt, especially not for an idea."

I guess the best way to deal with regressive violence is to say this ;)   :

Prolife Billboard

Saw this billboard on Highway #3 past Essex. Here's the thing: Even if you are pro-life you should find this problematic. This is a false equivalency comparison. Yes it might be argued there is a value difference between human and dog (that is subjective to some), but that is not what I am talking about here. It's dishonest to make this comparison as one is in utero and the other is not. This billboard is being dishonest in it's use of an emotional ploy. The other thing that is the problem, is it begs the question-- if this is supposed to be a balanced comparison, who is advocating for the killing of little puppies? Is that what they are suggesting? I mean, when you think about it, there is a choice option when it comes to animal euthanasia. This is often a humane thing to do, especially when an animal has a incurable and/or painful condition or disease. So here now we start seeing some of the nuances that can be brought into the conversation that don't make it so black & white. What say you? Do you agree?