Monday, September 28, 2020

HPV Vaccine Causes Transsexuality?!?!?

 Check out this ridiculous post from a chiro on Facebook

First off, I don't think she quite understands what an epidemic is.  6 girls over 5 years does not make an epidemic lol

So yes, she is claiming that the HPV vaccine is causing girls to be transgender.  This of course begs the question of where did the transgender persons come from before the HPV vaccine?  Yeah, it doesn't quite make basic sense.   One also may be inclined to ask:  Why  just girls?  Why not boys who also get the HPV vaccine?   One can also take this post as transphobic.  I can't say that it absolutely is, but it is definitely concerning in that department.

Dena, looking throughout her social media and online presence, is obviously an anti-vaxxer.  She is also an avid anti-masker as well claiming all sorts of nonsense that has been debunked a million times (like masks depriving oxygen).  

Many of the comments from followers on her page are equally nutty.  They parrot the usual detox, homeopathic, and other quackery rabble that is widespread with chiros.


So back to the original post above...
So she seems to admit that transgender can be genetic (although saying at the same time also caused by heavy metals in vaccines).  She mentions a "Genius Scan".    So what is that?   At first doing a google search only brought up an app for scanning documents.  So then I looked up the FB account of Karen.

Holey Rabbit Hole Batman!

Where do I begin?   One thing noticed by my wife was a picture of what she assumed at first might've been with her husband.  Well clicking to enlarge...nope!  It was a picture with the infamous peddlar of nonsense David Avocado Wolfe!   A sure sign of quackery is to be abound!

So Karen's list of jobs is long (so long in fact that I couldn't screencap it all in one shot!)...and most of the postings make almost no sense as they are just words grouped together.   She's a solarian and breatharian.  Both of those have been debunked thoroughly as nonsense.  Also throw in that she is a vegan so she is most definitely not living off of the air.  

She promotes vaginal steaming.   Basically this is as it sounds...steaming one's vagina.  Just throw in the herbs for a spicy taco I guess???   Joking aside, this practice has been debunked and has been shown to be dangerous.

"Chemtrail"???--Again, thoroughly debunked

 OK, so what about this "Genius Scan"?   According to her website it claims that it is a "quantum biofeedback device".  This device allows you to "peer energetically" (whatever that means).  You can use it to increase other areas "in your life besides health, including such things as financial abundance and relationships."  OOOOOOOKKKKKKK.   Of course to try and cover themselves they throw in the line:  "These are only energetic readings and they should not be taken as a physical diagnosis."  but then in the very same paragraph: "readings are closely aligned to the physical experience many of our users."  So does any of this give us any real idea about this app?   Not really.  It's just plain nonsense that gives no real insight.  It's seems to be based on the nonsensical idea of energy healing/medicine.
A starter pack will run you $2300 (or $1400 if you can catch one of their specials).  Still seems excessively expensive when you can get a Fitbit or other similar device/app for $150 or less.

Some of this idea seems to based on PEMF and RIFE.  What are these?  PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field.  PEMF has some weak to inconclusive evidence that it may help in healing non-union fractures and knee osteoarthritis .  There is a bit that it may help with some depression, but again not entirely conclusive.  The companies that sell and manufacture the PEMF pads as "general wellness products" are not permitted to make medical claims of effectiveness in treating disease.

So what is RIFE?  These are devices that alternative medicine quacks claim can cure cancer and other diseases by a barely undetectable electrical current through a persons skin.  Rife devices' have been featured in several cases of health fraud.  Royal Rife first invented a device and it was only after his death that the quacks took ahold of it making claims he did not.  Rife was noted for being against medical fakers who claim to cure disease using "electrical 'vibrations'", stating that his work did not uphold such claims.

So Dena, the chiro, is asking in her post if this Genius scan can repair the assumed faulty genetic code of trans people?  So in simpler terms, using radio waves to wash the gay away.  This is some asinine stuff right here.