Thursday, July 20, 2017

Booty Enhancing Pills

Booty Enhancing Pills
A good rule of thumb is to not always trust those reviews on shopping sites like Amazon. Some products will pay to have people write positive/fake reviews. These people will often never even get a sample to test. Case in point is a product called Brazil Boost. A google search for Brazil Boost showed mostly just the Amazon page (3rd image below) and a blog with one post and a purchase link that goes to...wait for it...the Amazon page.
This ad was placed on craigslist:
A message was sent saying interested in knowing more about doing a review. This was the reply:
You'll note that no mention of testing/trying the product is even mentioned or suggested. This seller obviously got a few people to sign on as can be seen by the overwhelming positive reviews and all around the same time (a huge red flag!!!!)
OK, so the reviews are fake. But does the product actually do what it claims to be able to do? In short, NO. Well let's go through the ingredient list. The list is a hodgepodge of a quack's wet dream, a collection of seemingly random exotic sounding herbs and extracts that form some sort of miracle J-Lo booty shaping elixir.
Maca (root): Cultivated in Peru and Bolivia. Claims include increase in sexual performance and enhanced semen production (unsupported by evidence While a big booty might give RISE to more sexual desire from a partner, I fail to see how a supposed male enhancement claim is supposed to work in a female body. Maca also contains possible mutagens
Chaste Berry: Does have medical uses for PMS and breast pain. It is used to also promote lactation, although lacks significant evidence and is discouraged What this has to do with the buttocks, I do not know.
Fenugreek: Claims including aiding in digestion, reducing blood sugar, promote lactation and inducing labour. Little evidence supports the claims but definitely has safety concerns due to estrogen-mimicking properties
Dong Quai: I had to laugh when they spelled it wrong on the ingredient label. This is female ginseng. It has many claims including aiding female sexuality, cardiovascular problems, osteoarthritis, inflammation, headaches, and fatigue. Of course evidence is weak or lacking. It is interesting to note though that it seems to promote hair growth ( although I'm not sure how a hairy booty is enhancing. Adverse effects from prolonged usage cause skin sensitivity to sun leading to a greater risk of skin cancer, and compounds within the plant that are carcinogenic.
Saw Palmetto: Claims include aiding in a variety of urinary and reproductive problems. These claims though lack any evidence ( and is no better than a placebo. There are also some prostate cancer claims but the American Cancer Society states that studies do not support those claims of prevention or treatment of prostate cancer. Again, what this has to do with the buttocks, I have no idea.
Blessed Thistle: There isn't much info on this but claims include promotion of lactation.
Damiana: Little information on this, but used as an aphrodisiac. Little to no evidence is available for these claims.
There are seven more ingredients, but suffice to say there is a trend here that these items often have little to no evidence to support claims and there is even less to support the idea of it helping boost one's booty. I assume that some of the estrogen mimicking items may promote some fatty deposits around the waist, but controlling those deposits to the rear would be a helluva trick. The Amazon page of course shows the legal disclaimer that this product has not been tested by the FDA (thanks to supplements being classified as different than medication).
As an interesting aside, I did find this article showing some illegal butt enhancing surgery in Brazil.
Buyer Beware