Monday, February 12, 2018

Tila Tequila, Vaccines, and Homosexuals...oh my!

Tila Tequila has some crazy things to say.  Check out the level of bigotry and anti-science (anti-reality) that she spouts in her post. 

Firstly, the picture there is not a real pic of a vaccination.  The needle is too big.  There is too much fluid in the syringe.  It's being put in the arm (for babies and infants, it is usually put in a thigh).  There are no rubber gloves.   Showing a fake picture to bolster a point will always make one lose credibility points ;)

The statement "stabbing them with sharp needles" I actually found funny as I then would question and ask "if one should stab with a dull needle?"  Of course, she is using "stab" to spread fear.   I know, because I have a phobia of needles myself and that is how my irrational fear can interpret it, but then I let my rational side win and realize it is not stabbing (violently piercing, thrusting gesture) but an injection and I calm myself down enough to get it done.

The whole idea of "early trauma" is questionable.  Babies go through a lot (like the birth process) and usually come out fairly resilient.  Early childhood trauma can be caused by stress from accidents, physical trauma, abuse, neglect, and exposure to domestic and community violence.  A vaccination does not fit into any of these categories.  Physical trauma would be injuries severe enough to warrant medical attention. 

Calling it "satanic ritual abuse" is just nonsensical.  I think she is delusional in that her belief system allows her to call anything she disagrees with as the work of Satan.  I suppose she would fit right in with the Westboro Baptist Church folks.  Satan, of course, is a work of fiction and believing a work of fiction is that level of real is dangerous thinking.

This statement is just laughable: "You're just going to trust MAN". I don't know if she is referring to male or referring to man-made vs natural. Maybe both?

She uses the old "do you know what's in it" ploy about vaccines.   Yes.  Yes we do.   She uses the common claim about mercury.  This is sorta true.   Some vaccines (not all) may use Thimerosal which contains mercury bound as an ethyl which does not bioaccumulate.  The stuff to worry about is mercury bound as a methyl.  It is easy to confuse the two if one is not educated in such things.   The aborted fetus claim is simply not true.

She then goes off and states that some children are purposefully targeted " to inject them with chemicals that changes their DNA to turn them homosexual or transgender etc."  Conspiracy Theory much?  ;)  This doesn't even make sense.  How do they get hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses, pharmacists all in on this nefarious practice?   How do they decide which children to target?   The scope of this claim is just too huge that it is implausible.

Also, what chemicals are able to change DNA to cause a person to become homosexual or transgender?  All I can picture here is some Alex Jones level nuttiness

 Her Facebook page is splattered with other anti-LGBQT rants, obviously due to her extremely conservative religious views.  In an odd sense of irony, at least she isn't stating that they chose that lifestyle.  But then again, she's not saying they were born that way either.  Sigh.   It's amazing how much these people have to warp things to make it fit their silly narratives.

Her claim of unvaccinated children having stronger immune systems is just plain nonsense.  Her child may just be lucky to not have contracted any serious viruses.  There are so many cases of unvaccinated children losing their lives to preventable diseases, especially in the past decade as we see certain diseases make a strong comeback due to anti-vaccine proponents.

Taking medical advice from Tila is not a good thing. She clearly has little to no knowledge of the things she is against. She should just stick to porn and reality tv shows (and even that is debatable).

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