Sunday, February 4, 2018

CBC Market Place Neuroreset Neuroconnect

I recently was brought into CBC Marketplace to film some parts for an episode helping to debunk a product that was promoted on CBC Dragon's Den.  I was there for 9 hours over two days.  Of course a lot didn't make the final product (like my foot twisting illusion) but I feel it was still good.

Here is the CBC Marketplace episode:

After the show aired, the chiropractor revealed his physicists that helped develop his product.

Looking up on them, the first one, Kronn, does have some past credentials, but has since jumped aboard the crazy train.

Here are just a few of his products he promotes.

The first one is a water-based cleaner. It states on the product label that there are no chemicals. Ummm....water is H2O (two hydrogen and one oxygen molecules). Those are chemicals. I assume there is nothing else in there but water. This product claims to get rid of energetic pollution around you...whatever that means lmao. This reminds me of the woman who was using a spray bottle outside pointed to the sky trying to get rid of condensation trails from planes.

The second is a crystal that does supposedly amazing things like make you come alive. I guess that is helpful for zombie types. The icing on the cake though is I now have an awesome new phrase "magnetic sense of confidence". How laughably awesome is that? lolololololol!

And finally here we have "intelligent elixers" that I guess during meditation help you achieve success. I seriously cannot stop laughing. This place is just too hilarious. But seriously, if I used this to help achieve the manifestation of my highest intentions of debunking this nonsense, would that then become a paradox? lmaololololololol

I have to stop or I'm going to die of laughter. Any credibility this guy had is now completely lost. Indeed a fool and their money are easily separated with these.

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