Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Health Hound

Wat up Dawg! Found this neat themed blog/site while researching magnet therapy. Check it out!



  1. Not so fast... HealthHound and HealthTrooper are nothing but keyword scabs with a "blog" sites claiming to independently review products when all it does is push the baited and switched visitor who clicked a link for Sensa is a Scam or other Ads to a negative review and a bogus "resource guide" as well as a product on which the owner of this site is being compensated. Although these are clear affiliates with affiliate links and redirects Health Hound, LLC never discloses anything regarding compensation, etc. Health Hound, LLC and it's owners are the defrauders and scam artists here. They have now also been reported to the Federal Trade Commission, Google, Yahoo, et.al., as well as the Attorney General of the State of Virginia.

  2. Thank you John,

    I am not sure I follow exactly what you are saying.

    Can you clarify and provide any evidence.

    I don't agree with everything on Henry's site (like the resource guide).