Saturday, December 10, 2016

Midlife Milk hysteria

Don't be alarmed. The fear-mongers and hype machine are at work. A recent study was published showing a correlation (and a weak one at that) between a pesticide used in Hawaii on Pineapples in the 1980s (which is now banned in agriculture in the USA since 1988) and Parkinson's Disease. The study is in regard to assumed contaminated milk consumed.
Some problems with the study.
The milk consumption was only measured once at the beginning of the decades long study and assumed to be the same (a huge red flag).
The association found in the study of lower neuron density can be explained by other mechanisms
The study actually suggests that smoking is a preventative measure (as non-smoking men who consumed the milk had the lowest neuron density). So no, one shouldn't make a lifestyle change simply due to a study ;) "For those who were ever smokers, an association between milk intake and neuron density was absent."
Hence the study does not show a cause and effect relationship between consumption of milk and PD.
There is no direct evidence that the milk consumed by the men was contaminated.
"The vast majority of milk consumers do not get Parkinson's disease"--Robert Abbott, author of the study.
While the study is interesting in providing pathways to further study, it is by no means a smoking gun. From it's own conclusion "Whether contamination of milk with organochlorine pesticides has a role in SN neurodegeneration warrants further study."


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