Sunday, October 16, 2016

Marijuana and the legality of it all.

My response to the post in the photo: 

Legalization doesn't mean a free-for-all. If it was an illegal grow-op then yes they should go after them (at least lay big fines). And yes, illegal activity can attract violent criminals, especially when lots of potential money is involved. Who would of thunk that? To be ignorant of that is just silly and childish. Your logic is flawed as you equate policing illegal business dealings with a bad social ideal. I wouldn't say that you shouldn't own nice things, but if you owned a high end sport car it would be prudent to protect it. Anyone who stole it from you would be in the wrong. It wouldn't be a huge surprise if someone stole your Porshe instead of your Toyota Echo. I wouldn't say that you shouldn't dress provocatively (and anyone who would harass you would be hugely in the wrong), but it would be naive to think that everyone in society thinks and behaves the same way as you, so it shouldn't come as a huge surprise if one was harassed at some point. These are just the sad realities we currently live with. Just as society wouldn't want a free-for-all on alcohol and the medicinal industry, here one would want it controlled in the same manner as well. C'mon man, you're smarter than this. Don't let an emotional appeal get in the way of your thinking.

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