Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Conspiracy nuttiness doesn't end

How sick does one have to be take tragedies like the Pulse Shooting and Sandy Hook shooting and denounce the victims?

First off buddy. He wasn't declared dead for hours. He was out (unconscious) for hours. You might just want to watch that vid for a 4th time because you obviously missed that. Secondly, recovery time from a gunshot wound is dependent on many different factors: Health and pyshological state before being shot, support after, exactly where was shot, how extensive the damage was, insurance ($$ can mean better care) and so on. A gunshot victim can be released from the hospital in as little as 10-14 days barring complications. The only bullshit here is what you are spouting because you lack the cognitive ability to critically think and instead allow dissonance and bias to fuel your nutty conspiracy theories.. It speaks volumes about your character.

This same guy also posted this nonsense:  

No hope for this one I'm afraid.

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