Saturday, April 9, 2016

Conspiracy Theorists are not honourable people.

Promoting the idea that the people who lost their lives on 9/11 and the subsequent torment their families  felt was all a hoax makes you a disgusting human being! Shame!

Posting bullshit like a video which clearly states at the 44 sec mark that the plane couldn't slice into the building "and most people are still believing this hoax"  (i.e. that is wasn't a plane full of victims) shows that you have little to no humanity and sympathy. It's cowardly and intellectually dishonest. I lose all respect for these types of people.

Trying to backpaddle and say that no it wasn't a hoax, but still missing the point that one is agreeing with another person who is saying it was a hoax on one's page does not add to your credibility or character.

The video clearly lies as well.  It claims the red building is past/beyond the South Tower and thus the video is fake because the plane's wing disappears so it must be CGI or something.  The building in question is actually in between the viewer and the South Tower of the World Trade Center (WTC).  The video was taken somewhere around Battery Park.  Below are some pics from googlemaps showing this.

Thus the posting of this video to show some nonsense conspiracy theory is completely dishonest.  Sharing this video without some simple research to see if it is correct (took me 5 minutes on googlemaps) is lazy.

This guy's friend saying a plane would “bounce off” is worthy of a Godzilla facepalm.

 You can see this video of a concrete wall designed to withstand an intense missile/plane impact (and you'll note that the plane did not bounce back in the video).  The WTC was not built to be a plane traveling 500-600mph absorbing, solid, concrete wall.   It had windows, sheet metal and only a thin wall by comparison.  So some of the plane could be pulverized and lots more of it would pierce through (including all the way through to the other side as can be seen in multiple other videos and the subsequent explosions and engine passing through).

So yes, I have very little tolerance for these types of people.  They are consumed by their own paranoia and don't rationalize very well, and in turn don't think about the victims and their familes.

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