Friday, January 29, 2016

"The Weather Channel founder says so." And.....?

Weather Forecaster: A person who predicts short term weather. Often may also be just a person who relays information through the media. May have some formal education on the subject.

Climatologist: A person who studies long term (years to thousands of years) weather and climate, Has formal education degrees on the subject.

So when a meme says a weatherman is a climate change denier, this is merely a lame appeal to authority. ( Many would also use this idea to confirm their already biased views without any real research or study into the subject (by that I mean actual university/college courses. There is no excuse really when some beginning courses are now offered free!).

The degree of severity is always up for debate, and it's lively debated among climatologists (which is a good thing for zeroing in on what actually is happening). Sure there are some people who will go extreme environmentalism on you which will not give any effective solutions that wouldn't cause other harms in the process. So it's best to deal with the problem with a rational level head that is educated. Here's just one of those free courses that is starting tomorrow.

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