Sunday, December 26, 2010

Questioning SendOutCards

I was asked to look into this.  It is definitely an MLM.

Watching the video:

Only $150 million in sales in 5 years and you are supposed to attain financial freedom as a distributor by taking only a fraction of that? I would argue that 1 million is the lower limit of what wo...uld be considered financial freedom. This means (without taking away business costs and such) that there could only be 150 distributors making that much. Of course there wouldn't be that many distributors making that amount. That would mean each of those distributors would have had to sell 33,000 cards each,which is not impossible as that only 6600 per year at $3 each, But "ah ha!" you say....they also sent over 1million gifts....soooo one wonders how much that would ring up. But wait! They claim to send "tens of thousands" of cards (and gifts) every day. That would equal 3.6 million a year (at an even 10,000 per day). Over five years that would be 18 million. and now my eyes have gone cross-eyed doing all the math beyond this which simply does not add up.

Gotta luv Kathy Ireland in there. She does this and she's rich...oh wait, she was already rich and well off before this...hmmm?

oh so you have to purchase the wholesale PREMIUM package? at $400.

Love the fine print "bonuses are paid only when packages are purchased" that means, not on the cards????
Gotta luv how their own numbers are telling. 0.13% of people in the business are making gross (before expenses) only $50,000 (mind you those are 2008 stats, but still ve...ry telling and consistent with all MLM stats )

My opinion would be to be cautious.  While not all MLMs are overly "pryamid schemey", this does appear to raise some red flags.

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